How far back?

Sometime ago, when I was first thinking about this project, I was wondering how far back we should go. Should I include archaeology? Broken buildings below the ground – but they were right and proper buildings once were they not?

But then again the history is not quite so evident when it’s been taken over by nature and now rests unseen below the ground. So, after a little thought, I thought that I’d leave it be. Maybe think about another project specially for archaeologists and other people who like digging.

Nevertheless I wanted this blog to start with a picture of an archaeological site – evidence of early human habitation in the Ashford area. This is the Long Barrow at Jackets Field near Boughton Aluph. Constructed in the Fourth Millennium BCE by early Neolithic pastoralists. Only discovered in 1970 and as yet not fully investigated.

Nature is all powerful. If I included all ruins in this blog there’d be a lot of pictures of green fields and woods like this one.

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