Reuben Bouverie

Hiatus is one of my favourite words – partly because it’s meaning is somehow so different from its sound. I always think hiatus sounds like things are pretty busy: high tempo, lots of eating going on maybe?

But actually it’s a pause in proceedings.

This particular pause has been brought about by the death of my dear Dad on August 19th. He was a brilliant man, a self-taught engineer.. someone who was always interested in buildings.

He designed buildings made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) in the 1960s-1990s. He started out doing roofs for petrol stations and swimming pools and ended up doing stadium roofs (Maine Road and Murrayfield) and domes (Greenwich Observatory Dome, the East London Mosque, the Grand Mosques in Bahrain and Oman).

To my knowledge he never designed anything for Ashford borough so this is a bit of a diversion. I miss him.

I’ll get back to Ashford100buildings after the funeral.

Some of my Dad’s groundbreaking GRP buildings

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