Ashford100buildingswithcaptions from Funder Films CIC on Vimeo.

The funeral was last Friday so I have spent the week relocating the foundations of Ashford100buildings – and have been heartened to find that most things are in place.

Above is the video that we made of 100 buildings in the Ashford borough which I’m putting on Facebook this afternoon – without captions so that it can be a challenge.. how many places can you identify?

(If you want to set yourself the same challenge, you can find the un-captioned version above under ‘Films’.)

While in town this morning, I popped by WoodnWare and spoke to Louisa who said that they have cut 99 blocks and also drilled holes in 7. So the abacus is well underway.

They didn’t have quite enough wood for the full 100 as the saw takes out 4 mm with every cut. I have a short length here in the office so will cut the final block as a celebration.

I also picked up some printing from Serious Print Group in Ashford – the cards that I’m hoping will be stuck onto the blocks.

Will take a look at them properly on Monday.

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