The big bully

I’m not the first to say that social media is a bully – making demands, making one feel inadequate, but also creating an atmosphere of dependence.

At the beginning of this project I felt it necessary to set up a variety of social media accounts in order to make the project as accessible as possible. So there’s Facebook, Instagram and a blog. 

I’ve neglected most of them but nevertheless they deliver me so much data. How many people are watching/ reading? How many likes? How many dislikes? What is the most popular time of day? (3 pm on a Friday…)

I’m quite interested in the data for the films. 

Three weeks ago I put up the un-captioned version of the Ashford100buildings film. It got 7,200 3-second views and 2,300 watched for more than 15 seconds. Of these 6% made it to the end which corresponds to about 138 people. 65 likes and 6 loves.

The following week I put up the captioned version. So far it’s had 7,500 3-second views and 2,100 have watched for more than 15 seconds. Of these 11% have made it to the end – that’s 231 people. 87 likes and 9 loves.

I suppose as a film-maker I’ve got to be interested in the audience and it’s amazing the data that social media can deliver.

But now I’m progressing with the next stage of the project which is all about interacting with people and social media will take more of a back seat.

I will be using it occasionally but strictly as a means to keep a record of the project. I’m not audience chasing.

Not until the next film comes around of course…

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