Stage 2

You can probably guess what will go on three sides of each block… the fourth side is more of a mystery.

I’ve now progressed quite a long way into Stage 2 of the project so I feel that the blog deserves an update.

So far I’ve taken the film to five different care homes in the Ashford borough together with a series of four one-hour activity plans. 

As with everything in life at the moment, it was pretty odd: messages at the door instructing me not to enter the building; a very brief chat to the receptionist or the activity coordinator; a retreat to the car.

How difficult it must be for the residents, cut off from the outside world as they are, and for the staff who know that one false move could result in Covid entering the home and lives being at risk. 

The activities are based around viewing the films; poetry; craft (helping to make the abacus); and finally drawing/painting. 

I’ll be visiting the homes again in the next week or so to deliver packages for the residents containing wooden blocks that have been made by WoodnWare CIC. They cut the blocks but are still drilling holes in some of them. 

It will be interesting to see how everyone gets on. I anticipate that I may have to call on other care homes and other members of the community to help with the abacus. Just not sure that many 90-year olds will want to do any drawing and painting… we will see!

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