Ashford100Buildings has been set up by Funderfilms CIC for a project financed by the Kent Community Foundation.

The idea is to identify 100 significant buildings in the borough of Ashford in Kent – buildings which, when seen on a timeline, will best indicate the area’s history.

These need not be the largest or even the ‘best’ buildings. The project is as interested in good examples of public housing, in factories and department store buildings as it is in old churches and timber-framed 14th-century cottages.

We are hoping that group members will suggest buildings for inclusion on this Facebook page – as well as through Twitter using #ashford100buildings. It would help if contributors knew a little of the history of their suggestion but this isn’t compulsory as I’m sure other contributors can help out.

We will endeavour to publish draft timelines on Facebook and on www.ashford100buildings.co.uk as we work towards selection of a final 100.

Project stages

Stage 1

Identification of 100 buildings that best represent the history of Ashford borough

Stage 2

Collect memories of these 100 buildings. How do people use them now?

Stage 3

Making of film(s) and, possibly, other art using participatory methods