These are the timelines I’ve been working on for the History of Ashford – using Time Graphics:

Ashford 1000-1300: https://time.graphics/line/396597

Ashford 1300-1500: https://time.graphics/line/396605

Ashford 1500-1700: https://time.graphics/line/396609

Ashford 1700-1900: https://time.graphics/line/396610

Ashford 1900-Present Day: https://time.graphics/line/396611

While initially I asked people to submit their favourite building in Ashford, you’ll see on the timelines that I haven’t just logged pretty buildings… the project is more about identifying significant buildings rather than just the buildings that go on the front of a chocolate box.

Project stages

Stage 1

Identification of 100 buildings that best represent the history of Ashford borough

Stage 2

Collect memories of these 100 buildings. How do people use them now?

Stage 3

Making of film(s) and, possibly, other art using participatory methods